A. Vision

In line with the development direction, identity and challenges in the future, the vision of UPI is to be a leading and outstanding university. In the period of 2016-2020, the vision will be focused on educational field in ASEAN.

B. Mission

To actualize the vision, UPI has missions namely:

  1. to establish education by managing and developing education and disciplines, theology, social, science, formal and applied science proportionally ;
  2. to conduct research, to create and develop theory and practices as well as any other innovative science based on local wisdom;
  3. to develop professional education for teacher integrated with academics and professions; and
  4. To distribute experiences and innovative findings in education and discipline, theology, humaniora, social, science, formal and applied science.

 C. Aims

Indonesia University of Education has aims, namely:

  1. to produce educator, scientist, and expert on all programs of higher education who pious to the Lord and has competitive advantage and comparative global.
  2. To produce, develop and distribute science and technology to be a prosperous society.