The 2nd International Conference on Basic Education and Early Childhood

(I-Conbec 2)

15 April 2017

The 2nd International Conference on Basic Education and Early Childhood (I-CONBEC 2) will be held on April 15, 2017 in Serang, Banten, Indonesia. This conference is a academic event of Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia (UPI) Serang Campus. The 1st I-CONBEC was held on April 2nd, 2016 in the UPI Serang Campus, Banten, Indonesia. See http://berita.upi.edu/?p=8865 or https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ex70gKQV_Ws&t=19s . The main aim and theme of I-CONBEC 2 is to enhanching teaching and learning processes in basic education and early childhood.


A key underlying theme in Teaching and Learning Processes is the raising the awareness of all scholars, Educators, Practitioners, and students to share their research and knowledge related to implementation of teaching and learning and to promote an active brainstorming among universities and institutions connecting the fields.

The most important lesson learned of processes of teaching and learning is how teacher build an interaction with students in the classroom. It does not matter if it is not determining the future of students. So then the question is that what must we do differently as teacher even principals and parents and society to make sure that the teaching and learning process is answering the challenges of future.

Furthermore, how to prevent Technology to not replace the role of the teachers. What kind of teacher cannot be replaced by Technology ?
To share this point of view, we would like to gain new ideas from all over the world by providing a platform as small agenda but big impact.


Suggested sub-theme for individual and panel presenters

·         Ethnopedagogy (Etnopedagogi)

·         Earlychildhood Education (Pendidikan Anak Usia Dini)

·         Teacher Education (Pendidikan Guru)

·         Pedagogy (Pedagogi)

·         Professional Development (Pengembangan Profesional) 

·         Curriculum and Instruction (Kurikulum dan Pengajaran)

·         Evaluation and Assessment (Evaluasi dan Pengukuran)



This conference is designed to attract academics, professionals, think tanks, educators and students in sharing their experience and researches that can promote a change and development through the practice in empowering societies for a better education



Keynote Speaker

1.      Prof. Leslie Barrat, Indiana State University, USA

2.      Prof. William Barrat, Indiana State University, USA

3.      Dr. Chi Cheng (Roy) Wu, Tainan Tech University, Taiwan

4.      Dr. Dinn Wachyudin, Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia


Registration Fee (For all Participants)

·         Foreign Participants (Non-students)            = 200.000 IDR

·         Indonesian Participants (Non-students)             = 150.000 IDR

·         Foreign Student with ID                                  = 100.000 IDR

·         Indonesian Student with ID                                  = 75.000 IDR

·         *Late of Registration: 12 April 2017 (to be paid at the conference site)

·         *Bagi Peserta dari daerah sekitar kota Serang, pembayaran dapat langsung dilakukan di Gedung Lembaga Lt. 2 UPI Kampus Serang

·         *Bagi Peserta yang di luar daerah kota Serang dapat melakukan pembayaran secara transfer (harap melakukan komunikasi dengan narahubung di bawah ini)



Proceedings will be published after the Conference

Important Date


·         13 March - 7 April 2017
Submission of Abstracts 

·         10 April 2017
Notification of acceptance 

·         15 April 2017
The 2th International Conference on Basic Education and Early Childhood


Contact Persons

Agung Purwa Widiyan           +6281313025958
Rohman Budiman                   +6287771532193

email: iconbec.upiserang@gmail.com


for more information https://iconbecupiserang.wixsite.com/event