ICREAM 2018 : The 2nd International Conference on Research of Educational Administration and Management

Enhancing Educational Administration: Planning, Policy, Management & Leadership Innovation, toward Professional Administration in Digital Era

October 18, 2018

The 2nd International Conference on Research of Educational Administration and Management (ICREAM) 2018 will be held on October 18, 2018 in Bandung, Indonesia. The aim of ICREAM is to provide a platform for educators, administrators, managers, leaders,  policy makers, researchers, scholars, principals, supervisors, graduate students, practitioners, academicians, professionals and teachers from different discipline backgrounds to present and discuss research, developments and innovations in the fields of educational administration. It provides opportunities for the delegates to exchange new ideas and application experiences, to establish business or research relations and to find global partners for future collaboration. Specifically, this conference can be used as a scientific forum for accomodating discussion among young researchers that originated from Indonesia in the field of applied leadership and management. Therefore, the invited speakers in this conference are well-known and reputable in the world.

Call for Papers

The abstract is maximum 200 words and should consist of the following: aim of study, method used, result, and implication. The papers should be written in English and must be between 4 to 6 pages and will be sent to at least two reviewers and evaluated based on originality, technical or research content or depth, correctness, relevance to conference, contributions, and readability.

The paper that has been presented at the conference by one of the authors will be published. In addition, papers that relevant to the area of Islamic Education and islamic Educational Management will be selected for Jurnal “Pendidikan Islam” (Dikti accredited, for further information please go to this link Click Here) and papers that relevant to the area of Educational Administration and Management will be selected for Journal Educational Administration Research & Review (EARR), for further information please go to this link Click Here.

Abstract and Manuscript Submission

[IMPORTANT] To submit an abstract, authors must register first Click Here. Then they can submit their abstracts by logging in to this site. The manuscript (full paper) can be submitted only after authors submit their abstracts. The whole submission process is done fully online (NOT by email) to guarantee smooth administration.

The conference implements a tough reviewing process. In short, the process is started by call for papers that is announced on the conference website to get prospective participants. Then, the participants must submit their abstracts via website. Next, editors select the submitted abstracts, and only the selected abstracts will go through the reviewing process. Regarding the reviewing process, the process will through blind-reviewing process, in which each paper is reviewed by two reviewers. After reviewed, the review comments will be delivered to the authors, and then authors must revise and submit the revised manuscript within 14 days. The revised manuscript will be re-sent to the reviewers to ensure whether the revised manuscript is accepted or not. For some cases, the reviewing process will take several rounds, in which we estimate the maximum rounds are about twice rounds. In addition, to ensure the quality of the reviewing process, we select reviewers that previously have experiences in publishing articles in reputable international journal and/or becoming reviewer.

Information detail : http://icream.event.upi.edu/