5th International Seminar of Science Education

Strengthening Science Education through Continuing Teaching Professional Development

November 12, 2011


  1. To address issues related to Science Teachers Professional Development.
  2. To give new insight in developing new alternatives for Science TeacherProfessional Development.
  3. To find lots of alternativesfor science teacher development in the world.

“Strengthening Science Education through Continuing Teaching Professional Development”
Time and Venue
Date : November 12, 2011
Time : 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Venue : the Auditorium of FPMIPA Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia (UPI), JICA building 2nd floor, Jl. Dr. Setiabudi 229 Bandung, West Java, Indonesia.
The scope of the research being presented and discussed in the seminar must cover one of these topics : science education orscience teaching which is related to the seminar's theme.

Call for Papers

  1. Abstract, paper, and the slides for presentation should be in English.
  2. The abstract is less than 200 words and should be received by the seminar committee before October 5, 2011. You may send it by e-mail to seminaripa@upi.edu or seminaripa@yahoo.co.id or by post to : Panitia Seminar Internasional IPA ke-5 c/o Program Studi Pendidikan IPA SPs UPI, Gedung Pascasarjana lt 1, Jl. Dr. Setiabudi 229 Bandung 40154, Indonesia.Selected abstracts will be announced in October 21, 2011 via e-mail
  3. Papers and the slides in power-point for presentation of the selected abstracts should be received by the seminar committee beforeOctober 28, 2011. If you submit the paper by post, it should be in both hardcopy and softcopy in CD format, please make sure that your files are free from computer's virus.
  4. The paper consists of abstract, introduction, methodology, result and discussion, conclusion, and bibliography.The paper is not more than 10 pages, font arial 11, and 1.5 spacing in A4 paper with standard margin.The papers will be published in proceeding (ISBN).


  1. Keynote speakers
  2. Prof. Peter Aubusson (University of Technology Sydney - Australia)
  3. Science Education Expert JICA - Japan
  4. Prof. Dr. Syawal Gultom, M.Pd (BPSDMP & PMP,National Education Ministry - Indonesia)
  5. Prof. Dr. Anna Permanasari, M.Si (UPI - Indonesia)
  6. Paralel session

Parallel presenters
Lecturers, teachers, undergraduate/graduate students, and anyone concerned in the development of teacher program
Contribution Fee
Presenter - INA Rp 400.000,-
Lecturer - INA Rp 250.000,-
Graduate Student - INA Rp 250.000,-
Undergraduate Student - INA Rp 150.000,-
High School Teacher - INA Rp 200.000,-
Elementary Teacher - INA Rp 150.000,-
Overseas Participant USD 150/person
Steering Commitee
Prof. Dr. Sunaryo Kartadinata (M.Pd - Rector UPI)
Prof. Dr. Fuad Abdul Hamid, M.A, Pd.D(Director of Graduate School UPI)
Prof. Anna Permanasari, M.Si (Chairperson of  Science
Eduation Program, Graduate School UPI)
Prof. Dr.Liliasari, M.Pd
Dr. Sumar Hendayana, M.Sc
Organizing Committee
Chairman : Kusnadi, M.Si
Vice Chairman : Wiji, M.Si
Secretary : Rini Sholihat, M.Si
Treasurer : Anna Fitri Hindriana, M.Si