August 4, 2003 marked an important event in the development of Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia (UPI). The management of KORPRI (SMP and SMA) was transferred to the Rector of UPI. The event marked the realization of an idea to have a teaching school inside the campus. Prior to that year, UPI established a Laboratory School at UPI Cibiru. Established by FKIP, Curriculum Development Institute (LPC) in 1960 founded the kindergarten and then in 1964 also established elementary school both as Laboratory Schools, and Junior High and Senior High Schools were established in 1969.

In 1974 the Government held a Pilot Project of Development School in 10 IKIPs. With this project the management of the schools was now under the management of PPSP. In 1984 the PPSP was completed. Since 1998, Siliwangi Kindergarten which was managed by Dharma Wanita UPI was also incorporated into the Laboratory School. The head of National Education Office in West Java handed over the Elementary School located in UPI to the Rector which was then to be transformed into the UPI Laboratory Schools.

UPI Laboratory Schools were officially established and were inaugurated by the honorable Minister of National Education, the Republic of Indonesia on October 20, 2003 to coincide with commemoration of the UPI’s 49th Anniversary.

Up to now, UPI runs the laboratory schools from the kindergarten, elementary to junior and senior high levels.