UPI Regional Campuses

As a multi-campus university, UPI has five regional campuses in Serang, Purwakarta, Cibiru, Sumedang, and Tasikmalaya. These campuses are spread out in two provinces, i.e. West Java and Banten. These regional campuses run bachelor study programs (S1) in Primary Teacher Education and Two-year Diploma Study programs (D2) in Early Childhood Teacher Education. Also, a bachelor in Sports Education is run in Sumedang aimed to prepare sports teachers in primary schools. In addition, since 2006 the School of Postgraduate Studies has offered masters programs (S2) in three regional campuses, Sumedang and Purwakarta offer masters in Education Administration, and Serang offers masters in Guidance and Counseling.

In order to support the communication and networks among campuses, the five regional campuses are connected from one to another and linked to the main campus through internet access with 5 Mbps for the international link and 1.5 Mbps for the local link. With the support of the technology, UPI can manage the distance learning connected to all of the five regional campuses. The internet access is centrally managed by UPI-Net under the coordination of the Directorate of Technology, Information and Communication of UPI.

The followings are the addresses of the five regional campuses and the names of the director of each of the regional campus.

UPI Regional Campus in Serang
Director: Prof. Dr. Abdul Somad, M.Pd.
Address: Jl. Ciracas-Serang Telp/Fax: + 62 0254 200277
Province of Banten

UPI Regional Campus in Purwakarta
Director: Dr. Mamat Ruhimat, M.Pd.
Address: Jl. Veteran No. 8 Purwakarta
Province of West Java

UPI Regional Campus in Cibiru
Director: Prof. Dr. Tatang Herman, M.Ed.
Address: Jl. Raya Cibiru Km. 15, Bandung
Province of West Java

UPI Regional Campus in Sumedang
Director: Dr. Herman Subarjah, M.Si.
Address: Jl. Mayor Abdurahman No. 221 Sumedang
Province of West Java

UPI Regional Campus in Tasikmalaya
Director: Prof. Dr. Cece Rakhmat, M.Pd.
Address: Jl. Dadaha No. 18 Tasikmalaya
Province of West Java