UPI International Scholarships 2011


Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia (UPI) has set its vision as a leading and outstanding university. As one of the oldest higher education institutions in Indonesia which began its existence in 1954, UPI has been running various international programs for years to enter the University into a World Class University (WCU) in Education. With a high reputation of its lecturers and consistence improvement of its management system supported by excellent facilities, UPI has committed to continuously improving the number of international programs to get worldwide recognition. It can not be denied that the increasing number of cooperation with overseas universities has been determined as one of the significant improvements of the world recognition to the University. In order to promote the internationalization in education as one of the attempts to implement its missions, beginning in the 2008/2009 academic year, UPI offers scholarships for international students to study Indonesian language and cultures at the University, namely UPI International Scholarships 2011. This scholarships scheme is one of the University's efforts to tighten the cooperation with its overseas university partners through welcoming international students to study Indonesian language and cultures at UPI.


The UPI International Scholarships 2011 program is aimed at:

  1. introducing Indonesian language and cultures to international communities;
  2. nurturing a positive image of Indonesia in the international communities;
  3. strengthening the cooperation with the university partners; and
  4. disseminating the expertise owned by UPI to the international communities.


Scheme of the Program

Through the UPI International Scholarships 2011, the successful candidates will have an opportunity to study Indonesian language and cultures at UPI to the maximum of six months which equals to 360 hours. The course contents include the four language skills, grammar, translating and interpreting and Indonesian cultures which are integrated through themes selected in accordance with the needs and objectives of the students. The themes include family system, geography, popular culture, language and arts, government system, social problems, education system, environmental problems, religious life, human rights issues in Indonesia, politics and economy, law enforcement in Indonesia, international relations and current issues.

This scholarships scheme also accommodate those who want to study sports and arts in our university for 2-3 subjects (6-8 credits) which are transferable to the study in the home university. However, the students taking one of these studies are required to study the Indonesian language and cultures before studying the field of their interest. In this scheme, there will be a quota for 100 successful candidates. The implementing unit of the program which includes staffing, curriculum, syllabus design, course units, teaching materials and system of evaluation will be carried out by the Language Centre of UPI for the Indonesian language and cultures and the relevant study program

The Structure of the Program

For those taking the Indonesian language and cultures, the program consists of the Indonesian language for 216 hours (3 hours a day, 3 days a week); and the Indonesian cultures for 144 hours (3 hours a day, 2 days a week) covering the traditional music for 72 hours and traditional dance for the other 72 hours. In addition to studying the Indonesian language and cultures for the first 2-3 months, those interested in taking sports or arts will spend the rest of the time to study at the relevant study program.

The Scholarships

The scholarships will waive the tuition fees and cover the living cost and immigration affairs. Other expenses such as a return air ticket, passport and visa, insurance and domestic transportation are the responsibility of the candidates. Furthermore, UPI will give assistance to find out the right accommodation for the candidates.

Principal Dates
  1. Application : January-End of April 2011
  2. Announcement : May 2011
  3. Course Commencement : First week of June 2011
  4. Selection will be based on the documents submitted by the applicants to the University.


For further information regarding the offer, please contact Mr. Sri Harto, Director, Office of International Education and Relations (OIER), Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia at: oier@upi.edu   or by phone/fax at: + 62-22-2013313.

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