AASEC 2020

Annual Applied Science and Engineering Conference

20-21 April 2020

Annual Applied Science and Engineering Conference (AASEC) 2020

Call for Papers

Authors are requested to submit an abstract to the Organizing Committee by 13 March 2020. The abstract must contain the following section: introduction, aim of the study, method, results, conclusion, and keywords. The abstract must have no longer than 200 words.


Following last year’s AASEC’s theme “Integrating Innovations in Science and Engineering among Young Researchers”, the 5th AASEC brings up “Green Technologies for Environmental Sustainability” as the main topic of discussion. The main purposes of the conference are (1) to bring together scientists, engineers, researchers and practitioners, students, and civil society organization representatives in the scientific forum; and (2) to share and to discuss theoretical and practical knowledge about innovation in applied science and engineering. In a more practical context, the conference is expected to become a platform of discussion among researchers, particularly the young ones, in the field of applied science and engineering. Therefore, the invited speakers in this conference are young researchers who have good reputation in the world.

[IMPORTANT] To submit an abstract, authors must register first (click here). Then they can submit their abstracts by logging in to this site (menu “Submission System” then “Login”). The submitted abstracts will be selected for presentation. The manuscripts (full papers) should be submitted only after the abstracts are accepted. The paper must be submitted before 31 March 2020. Please go to “Submission System” menu then “Login” to submit the full paper. Selected papers will be published in proceedings (Indexed by Scopus/WoS) / RPI Proceedings.

Therefore the author should follow the IOP guide line/template. The papers should be written in English and must be between 4 to 6 pages. After your paper(s) has been declared accepted, you are to submit your full paper no more than 31 March 2020.

Submission of Abstracts and Full Papers

[IMPORTANT] To submit an abstract, authors must create an account first. Then they can submit their abstracts by logging in to their account. The manuscript (full paper) can be submitted only after authors submit their abstract. The whole submission process is done fully online (NOT by email) to guarantee smooth administration. Letter of Acceptance (LoA) and Letter of Invitation (LoI) can be downloaded directly from your account once your abstract is accepted to be presented at the conference.

 Acces web : http://aasec.conference.upi.edu/2020/