National Recognition

At the national level, UPI has obtained University Accreditation with A predicate from the National Accreditation Board of Higher Education (BAN-PT)

58.33% of study programs at UPI have been accredited with A predicate from BAN-PT. 7 study programs have obtained an excellent predicate. 16.67% of study programs have obtained B predicate, while 20.83% of study programs still get minimum accreditation because it is a new study program.

International Recognition

In 2020 UPI is included in the TOP 300 Universities by Subject of Education based on ratings conducted by QS World University Ranking.

QS Star Rating System states that UPI has excellencies in the field of Arts and Culture and the field of Social Responsibility (five stars), as well as the filed of teaching and facilities (four stars).

UPI's position in 2021 on university rankings at the ASIA level based on the QS Asia University Ranking is ranked 501-550. UPI is striving to achieve a better position in university rankings at the Asian level